Great Master: Love & Longing

                       By the Great Master

 Just as the heat of the sun helps in ripening sweet fruit, and the heat of the fire in the hearth enables one to prepare delicious food, in the same way the heat of longing plays a vital role in helping the devotee on the path of spiritual attainment.
    It is actually a touchstone or test of love, and at the same time it purifies the devotee’s love and devotion, as a goldsmith purifies a piece of gold by putting it in the fire.


   A lover of the Lord, who is separated from Him, does not feel close to anyone or anything else. Even his life seems to be a burden to him.
 The pain of separation is like the poison of a cobra. Once it enters anyone’s heart, it is not possible to get rid of it by any means, unless one meets the Master. There is no other method.


Intense longing and crying for the Lord always turns into happiness. They are really blessed who are so fortunate as to be gifted with this condition.


            A place where there is love becomes sanctified by it. In that environment there is a powerful current of exaltation, but it can be felt only by a heart that is filled with love.
            If we perform our domestic and other worldly duties with love, we shall enjoy our life comfort and without any worries, because in the presence of love, the mind and intellect are powerless to disturb one’s inner calmness.
            Love does not influence only human beings. Even the animals and birds are subject to its elevating influence.


            Love is inherent in every person and it may be kindled in two ways. One is by the grace of the Lord or that of his manifestation in this world, namely a Master. The other method is by means of spiritual practice.
            Just as electricity exists in every particle in a latent state, but it is every particle in a latent state, but it is produced with the help of a battery and brightens a large area, similarly the spark of love is produced in the heart of a seeker by the grace of God or a Master and its force then becomes apparent.
            The second method that of spiritual discipline, such as repetition, contemplation and listening to the Sound Current, also produces this powerful electric of love in human beings.
            Better than all the gifts of God is the gift of love.
Love is the cream of life. It is the beauty of the soul. By means of love the soul is brightened, and its glow is reflected of the face of the lover.
            Love is greatest and most wonderful constituent of goodness. A truly loving man is actually the king of kings.


The surest sign of a lover is that if he loses any worldly or material thing it causes him no pain whatsoever. But if time is lost without meditation, prayer or remembrance of the Beloved, it causes him immense pain.           


Outer love should never be considered more than the first step towards divine love. Both types of love are good, provided there is no motive of gratification of the senses.
            Love should be for the sake of love alone. The foundation of True Love contains no trace of selfish aims or desires.
            Like God’s love for us, our love should also be expressed and offered to Him without any selfish motive or desire for reward.


The path of love is as sharp and as narrow as the edge of a sword. There is room for only one to tread it.


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