Glimpses of Light

 Glimpses of Light

If master is selected to return for this work, he usually brings such souls with him as his group of disciples to help them further on their path.
    Those who have been connected with him by an unconscious magnetism. These satsangis often begin where they left off in the last life.


As you sit in meditation regularly, every day, and give the required time to simran or the repetition of the Holy Names with attention at the eye centre, the feeling of love for the Master will spring in the heart.
When you have a feeling of elation and see flashes of Light and hear the Sound, this feeling of love will grow and get strengthened.
When the inner contact is fully established with the Shabd form of the Satguru, the spirit floats in his grace as the fish in water, and even momentary interruptions become unbearable. This is a very advanced stage, and represents in ideal for the average Satsangi.


Sometimes the Master seems to impart spirituality to some particular disciples without any apparent effort or sacrifice on the part of those disciples.
    The right to this favour has been earned by them in their past, lives. Their love and devotion for the Master through past lives had created a deep connection between them and the Master.
    It is through our own past karmas that we invite the grace of the Master, just as it is through our own karmas that we invite upon ourselves pleasure and pain, good and evil.


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