Sabd or Word

Huzur Swamiji taught that there were six lower worlds, associated with the six lower chakras, and six higher, the lowest of which was associated with the crown chakra, the highest centre in all other Indian chakra-doctrines. In other words, he claims to have gone further, and hence attained a more developed occult teaching.

The lower worlds constitute the material and lower spiritual universe, called Pinda, "body"; the higher ones, each associated with a divine melody or vibration (shabda or nada), were the higher spiritual worlds, the worlds of Universal Mind (Brahmandi). Each world is a heavenly region, ruled over by a particular god. And each world appears to be the highest, until one goes beyond it to the next world. By attuning oeself to the vibrations of the higheror "heavenly" worlds, one can ascend through the various planes, until one reaches the level of God, beyond all the worlds.

The principles of Radhasoami Faith are basically a true methodology of realizing the Supreme Truth - God, which is present in all individuals as Soul - this is the essence of God in man. In order to realize God in life the force of spirit has to be awakened by adopting the prescribed teaching of the Master of the Time. He is the only person in human form, "who", has realized the Truth - God.

Everytime feel that all work belongs to God (Guru) , and everything is done for the same. Always feel that nothing is your's. You are not able to perform any task, everything is done and influenced by the power of the God. Regularly devote your time for meditation.Everytime keep in your mind that evrything belongs to God and everything remains and exists only because of his will.Everytime follow the teaching of god.



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