Spiritual Hindrance

Hindrance In the Path of Spirituality

You ask why so many hindrances, when one is trying so hard to advance spirituality?
Why so many things thrust themselves in to interfere with our best effort to rise spirituality?
There is but one answer-the dark or negative power which manage most world affairs do not wish any soul to contact a Satguru who can deliver that soul from the regions of the Negative power.
He wishes to keep every one here.

And although that negative power is under the Supreme power, yet within his own territory he has a certain degree of discretionary power.
It is only when a soul comes in contact with a Saint or true Satguru that he is assured of his complete deliverance from the regions of the negative powers.

Of course, those power will do all they can to keep a soul away from the Satguru.
But, in that effort, the Negative power cannot succeed if one keeps his mind steadfast upon the Guru and persists in his determination to come to the Guru.

When he is once initiated by the Guru, or even before that, when he has once entrusted by the Guru, or even before that, when he has once entrusted his life to the Guru, then and after that the Negative power has no more ability to defeat his efforts toward spiritual liberation. He must succeed.

If you have placed your destiny in the hand of the Guru, he will and must take care of you, until the day of your complete and perfect deliverance.

--Spiritual Gems
Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji


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