A light is shining

In each one of you a light is shining, and from within it is the most melodious music is pouring forth. If you experience this inner light and are able to catch hold of the sound of the music, you’re worldly attachments will leave you and instead you will become attached to the lord.

It is most significant that wherever we worship and pray to the lord we light lamps and candles, strike bells and make sounds like the conch. Do we ever wonder why?

The real gurdwara, temple, mosque or church is our body: turn inwards and search there, and then you will experience the inner light and hear the sound of the bell and conch within yourself.

The lights we see outside are not outside are not real thing. Saints use them to explain that this is the kind of sound and the kind of light we will hear and see inside.

When we send children to school, we first put them in a Montessori school or in kindergarten. They are not taught lessons, but are given a little something to eat and toys to play with so that they feel happy to be there. As they get elder, they leave their toys behind and are taught lessons. They do not stay in kindergarten their whole life.

Similarly, these outer man-made places of worship are there to engender in us love for the lord. We are not supposed to play with these toys all our lives but to progress beyond them and develop that love which is true love.




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