RadhaSoami: The Path Of the Masters

The way out is to implicitly follow the teachings of the Masters. Their teachings are indeed very simple to understand and follow for those who have a genuine desire , interest and commitment to travel the path of the Masters.

The teachings of the Masters first explain why we are in the present state and then they teach us how we can improve our position.
The reason we are in this sorry state of affairs is explained by Soami Ji in his short poem when he says:
"Deeds--good and bad--
became your fetters,
You did not contact the Satguru's
feet "
Soami Ji explains to us that the inexorable law of karma , which is as you sow so shall you reap, or every action has its reaction , is constantly at work , so all our deeds, whether good or bad, become our fetters.
If we consider how long we have been in this creation , which is since creation began, we may be able to appreciate the innumerable variety of actions we have committed and the enormous reserve we have in store for us to reap.
The saint warn us that the mountain of karma that awaits us is enough to keep us in this creation forever.
And the action we continue to commit , will they not just keep adding to the already enormous load?




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