Radha Soami: "The Inward Journey

Real spiritual growth can be achieved only through the practice of meditation. There are many ways to meditate, and each method varies in its results and purposes. The medication described here is the technique of uniting the soul with the primordial power or Shabd. It is simply and solely concerned with uniting us with our source.and this meditation can only be practiced by the blessing of true master only. And the results of these mediations and practice is primarily concerned with the Guru's blessings

RadhaSoami: "The Inward Journey"

Life is considered as journey The first plane of this journey is the one we are travelling on now in which we associate ourselveswith the world through the senses. Though we may experience many moments of happiness in this plane, there is also plenty of frustration and suffering. The so-called pleasures we can enjoy at this level will always be transformed into pain or disillusionment with time. Limited by our senses and worldly attachments that hold us captive, we remain confined to this world and oblivious to all else. We have no idea of the second plane of the journey--The Journey Inward.

Lasting happiness is attained by beginning the second plane of the journey. We ascend to this plane through meditation. It starts to happen the moment we begin to raise our consciousness through the body and concentrate it at the spiritual eye focus. This focus is the natural seat of the mind and soul in the physical body-a point about midway between, and slightly above, the two eyes. It is subtlle spiritual point and cannot be found by physically dissecting the body. It is at this subtle point that the mind and the soul are knotted together, the resting point of our consciousness in the waking state. And it is here, if we raise our consciousness to this level, that we contact the shabd, or the enrapturing music of God.


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