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RadhaSoami Book Series : SAR BACHAN


Radha Soami Books: SAR BACHAN


Literally "Sar Bachan" means the "words of truth,". This books contains the fundamental teachings of the saints and these teachings are explained by Seth Shiv Dayal Singh Ji, popularly known as Soami Ji Maharaj, who is regarded as the first Master in the Radha Soami line of mystics. The texts that are written in this book are generally the translation of notes that were taken during Soami Ji's discourses and conversations over a period of many years. Soami Ji Maharaj has explained that his philosophies are not a new teaching, rather than they are same mystic principles that were taught by all true saints throughout history of the World. He has provided detail description about the status of the inner spiritual regions and the process of the creation and along with the process to attain salvation.




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