Ten Paisa Story MaharajJi

When Maharaj Charan Singh JI was giving satsang in the Himalayan Foothills many years ago.
he somewhat surprised everyone present by announcing that there would be money seva after the satsang.
People were surprised because  up till then it had never happened outside the Dera. After a few satsangis had put their offerings in the basket and had been gently guided along by the sevadars in case they took up too much of Master’s time, an old lady in her eighties approached.

donation feeling
She care carefully put down her bundle and began to open it. When the sevadars started to hurry her along.Maharaj Ji intervened by saying, “Let her do what she has to do”.

She opened first one handkerchief,then another,and then  another  until she had about fourteen.

She then took out ten paisa and gave it to Maharaj Ji .Maharaj said “Thank You”, and put it in his pocket.


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