Radha Soami Science of the Soul

Sant Mat-The Teaching’s of the saints or path of the masters—is a process of practical spirituality as tought by a perfect living master. In the laboratory of our own body, by following the method given by the master,We can prove for ourselves the truth’s of all religions and philosophies-and go far beyond them.

Sant Mat may truly be called a “science of soul”, and its goal is first self –realization and later God –realization.

The Living Master is at the centre of the teaching. The Master is both God and Man, for while in the flesh like us ,he is also at the level of God,the creator. He is the physical embodiment of divine love in the form of the Audible Life Stream,the Sound Current ,the creative Force, the Word ,the Logos ,the Shabd, the Nam ,the Tao ,the Kalm—the dynamic power of God which is known by so many names.

The Master reconnects the soul of the disciple to this force through the gift of initiation. It is then the responsibility of the initiate, or satsangi,to follow the Master ‘s instructions with love and devotion and realize his oneness with the Master and God Himself.

To qualify for the gift of initiation, the seeker is asked to satisfy himself that he can follow four simple principles for the rest of his life,without compromise.

These Principles Are—

Complete vegetarianism, adopting a lacto- vegetarian diet;
Abstinence from habit-forming drugs and alcohol;
Leading a pure moral life while performing one’s duties in the world;
Sincere meditation for two-and-a-half hours daily, as tought by the Master at the time of initiation.



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