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This World is Only a Dream

Do not loose heart in illness because whatever pleasure and pain comes to us is the result of our actions in past lives and it will come to pass. But all those who are ill also receive mercy and grace. Do not feel perturbed , but take everything cheerfully. Also attend to your bhajan and simran every day for when one is ill the mind doesnot usually run outside. It becomes detached and take to bhajan.

Therefore look upon moments of pain or sufferings as a blessing, for then all the attention is directed towards bhajan.

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You cannot purchase a single breathe at any price. There is a type of karma which Satguru cancels and pardons, and there is yet another type of karma which cannot be paid off untill the body has gone through the result of its reactions.

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Look upon this world as only a dream. Do not get attached to things of this world. Remain indifferent, and remember the words of the Satguru, that all this world and its appurtenances are unreal and like a dream. Put your mind and "surat"( the soul's power of hearing) and 'nirat'( the soul's power of seeing), with love and devotion into the Shabd. And cease thinking too much of worldly affairs. When you sit in bhajan, be as indifferent to the world as you are in a dream, when you are unconscious of this world.

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One who is intoxicated with his worldly status, his family, his wealth or its instruments, in the same way as one gets intoxicated with alcohol or narotics , cannot do bhajan. And when he says that he has no spare time for bhajan, this is all a fraud of the mind.

All our breaths, morsels (eating and drinking ), sitting , walking (every moment and every action) are to be accounted for. One will not be saved by any but the satguru. Realize this and keep your surat (attention) in shabd Dhun. And you have to think how much of your time has been wasted in talking. This time will never come back. Think of it and remember that you have to die. We are not going to live here forever . Our days, minutes and breaths are all numbered. Take your mind out of the worldly desires and put it in the sound current.


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