"Life is Always Fair"

"Life is Always Fair"."We get what we deserve" It is difficult to imagine that life is fair. But consider for a moment, that is obviously true. Is it possible that life appears unfair only because we are not seeing the completeness of life.
Could a limited view of existence be the reason why we fail to see how , and why, every living being gets precisely what it deserves-no more, and no less.

Life is fair says this is exactly how life works, But if we are to understand how justice operates in the world, we must first study life's big picture. We cannot examine life only from the point of view of the material sciences. We must also look at life from a spiritual perspectives. Then we will learn that as human being we are in a unique position. Like no other living beings, we have the capacity to understand the subtle laws that govern the world. With this knowledge, we can then make choices that will leads us towards the harmony and happiness every person seeks in one way or another.

Once we come to accept taht the law of cause and effect govern all life, both physical and metaphysical, we see that every thought and action assumes a moral dimension. All that we do and think leaves its mark. A long journey is made of may short steps. This overall course of our life is determined by decisions made every instant. Moment by moment, an unceasing flow of mental and physical action carves the channels through which the ship of our self sails in the future. Our loftiest goals and most down-to-earth activities are seamlessly linked. Still, underlying the words on all the pages is one basic assumptions: Whatever we do in life, we usually do because we think it will make us -or those around us happy.

If this is true, and seems obvious tha t it is, then it is important to know what produces happiness or peace of mind. Unless this is known with certainty, our efforts to move in that directions unknowingly may be leading us the wrong way.





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