Human Enemy

Mind is our enemy

There is nothing to feel disheartened about. We are up against mind, the mind that keeps all souls out of the focus.

Kings, dictators, presidents, commoners and all are running outside the focus.

Yogis, sanyasis, ascetics, and philosophers fail to catch it.

War is the outcome of the mind running wild.

It prevents the soul from rising up. It is the veil that hangs between our soul and our creator.

Now we have found it out, its true nature. It is our enemy. We are at war with it and we are to capture it.

Guru, the experienced warrier and veteran, is guiding and supporting us.

He has armed us with Nam, the sound current, the mind is still and as our hold on it gets firmer, the soul gets stronger and gains supremacy over the mind.

In time the position reversed and the mind becomes a faithful servant of the soul.

Maharaj Charan Singh Ji


Radha Swami

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