Human Desire

Our Desires make us poor

Great Master describes our desires as ‘the shackles and chains which bind us’.  It’s our desire that locked us into the creation in the first place by leading us to make one karmic debt after another.

And it’s our unsatisfied desire that make us unhappy and ruin our peace of mind.

Maharaj Jagat Singh Ji says happiness lies in having no desire at all:”Happy is he whose wants are few. The fewer the wants, the happier the person. He who do not want many things is the king of the Kings”.

And Great Master writes something similar: “Riches or poverty depend on the absence or presence of desire, respectively.

Human Desire-teaching saint mat

“ He who has no desires is the richest, and so called richest is the poorest if his desires are not fulfilled. He who does not need anything is sovereign.”

Our desires are the source of unhappiness and our bondage in this world. They are also a very definite obstacle to our spiritual practice.

You all know how often we try to meditate and find our mind running to all sorts of wants and needs rather than concentrating quietly on what we are supposed to be doing.
Our desire are a very real obstacle. Maharaj Jagat singh Ji goes so far as to say that “the Master’s form will appear in the heart only when all desires of the world are turned out of it”.

And of course we don’t only desire things like possessions, better positions and good fortune. We also desire changes to the circumstances we have.

So when we are told  to turn all desires of the world out of our hearts, it means accepting what we have without protest; resigning ourselves to what He has willed for us.
It means accepting everything in our lives as His gift.


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