We can not escape from our commitments, our duties, our responsibilities in this world. We have to given to some and receive from others, and we will not be free from these burdens, great or small, in this life. So what we should do is accept the situation and live our lives as simply as possible, keeping in mind all the while that we are here only as temporary citizens. Our real home is inside, with master.

An average lifespan is exceedingly short when you think of all that has to be achieved. Think back on the past, say, 10 years of your life. How fleeting it has been in retrospect. And that is how the whole of our life will be one of these days. We will look back and say: "How much more I could have done." So we must be with people, but if we have to leave them, we should be able to say goodbye, lovingly, with no complaints, with no grudges, with no anguish.

Meditation is the only means whereby we can achieve this state of loving without attachment- an awareness of the unreality of the world and everything in it; the realization that our first and most important duty in this world is to practise dying while living. We must not wait for death to first come to us.

The Goal of Life

For many, many lives our consciousness has been focused outwards. But the goal is not ahead of us, it is behind. The goal is not some where ahead to reach, we have left the goal. The goal is at the source, and we have to turn around and retrace our steps in order to reach it. We have to turn our back on, but not forsake, everything inn the life which is keeping us scattered in the world outside, and start withdrawing into ourselves. Master will help us, but we have to make the effort.

We should try to live in the world in a most unconcerned way. Without renouncing the world we should live as if we have renounced it. we must attend to our duties during the day, with love, with sharing, but at night, or early morning, we must do our real work. Just think for a moment. Of all we do during the day, very little of it is for ourselves. So much that we do is for family and friends. Live is short, time is fleeting. Take full advantage of it. We may have to leave this world sooner than we think.

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