"How the master's work "

Whatever the master do they do for us, never for self-gain or to make their own life easier. They don't always spell out of the reason why they do certain things, because they are not concerned whether or not we know they do it all for us. They are not seeking recognition for their good deeds. They win no prizes, they receive no rewards. We sometimes get unhappy and disillusion because we don't seem to be making any progress in our meditation, but we don't know what mountains of stored karmas we still have to burn up.

Our master is watching over us all the times, especially through the most difficult parts of our lives, when we feel that he is a million, million miles away from us, and we become despondent and sometimes even annoyed - and start thinking that perhaps we are wasting our time being on this path at all.

One evening a young man from America said he was feeling upset because Maharaj Ji was displeases with him. Maharaj Ji said: "Have I ever given you the impression that I was displeased with you?" This man said: "Yes Maharaj Ji." So Maharaj Ji asked "When?" And he said: "Yesterday, at the garden party. I through that it would be rude to stare at you, so I didn't, but then I couldn't help myself and I did look at you, and you just turned your head away."

Maharaj Ji very sweetly said to him: "But may be I turned away to look at some other satsangi." And then he went on to explain that when you really love someone, you are only concerned with you love for them, not at all whether your love is returned.

A reason for everything

There are reasons for everything that is happening in our lives. No matter how unhappy, how miserable, how painful the periods we are going through, or have been through, or are still to go through, or how far away from master we might feel, it is all just a clearing out of those heavy debts which we have incurred over hundreds and hundreds of lives. It is all part of that enormous weight resting on the soul.

We have forgotten to be grateful, and we have so many reasons for being grateful. When we are going to thanks him for all the blessing we receive every day of our lives? He has given us so much more than we ever could have desired in the first place. Have we ever thanked him for the simple things, like the sunshine, the rain, the flowers, friends, family, comfortable homes, money to buy things with? Let alone for the price-less gift of initiation, and the promise to be with us always.

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