"Guru Beas Darshan "

Saint attach great importance to having the darshan of a living Master ( Guru Beas ).To derive bliss from the mere darshan of the Master is a great thing, as it indicates that the disciple has love, and that he desires nothing except to have more and more darshan. He is always anxious to have as much darshan of the Master as possible, which ultimately results in drawing the disciple closer to the Master on the inner plane.
Maharaj Ji said that sometimes the Master imparts the wealth of spirituality to some particular disciple without any apparent effort on the part of the disciple.
But the right to this grave may have been earned in past lives.


More important than bhajan (meditation) are love and devotion . Love is complete in itself. In love, the lover becomes one with the beloved.
There is no bhajan greater than love . There is no law higher than love, and there is no goal beyond love.
God and love are the same things, Bhajan involves effort.
In love, all is spontaneous. Love means merging into the shabd, losing one's own identity.





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