God's Gift


If you do not sleep at night
You will gain the treasure of immortality.
Your night will become resplendent with that hidden sun.
Your eyes will open and you will behold God’s splendour.

You have spent thousands of nights
In endeavoring to fulfill your desires and cravings.
But if you don’t sleep for the sake of your beloved
Then what harm can befall you?
Do you not know that whatever the spiritual kings possess,
Was obtained by them at night?
You should remain awake for the sake of that
Giver of all gifts,
And you should have no fear that sleeplessness
Will result in mental fatigue,
Because during that time flows the fountain of life,
The nectar of which will make you refreshed and
Heighten your consciousness.
Therefore do not sleep.

Every morning the voice of the Lord calls you.
By listening to it, all your worries and troubles will vanish.
And the stain of previous evil impressions on your mind
Will also be washed away.
Donot sleep throughout the night
Because all that time thousands of lives receive the sustaining life force.
Like the full moon, the supreme Lord descends from the highest heavens
To bless his disciples with the gifts of grace and mercy.




Radha Swami

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