The Cosmos is a circular boulevard, not a one-way street

With an understanding of the vast spiritual reach of life, one’s perspective broadens. We now see happiness and well-being as a result of two sorts of influences: those which directly and rather immediately affect our body and mind, and those which circle back upon us – often at a later date- as a consequence of thoughts and actions we have directed towards others. The cosmos is not a one-way street. It is a circular boulevard, for whatever good and bad we send out into the world eventually returns to us. His aspect of life is not, and probably never will be, perceived by material science. It will remain the X factor, the source of unexplained causes of sufferings, illness, and disease, the random variable in all research pertaining to human well-being.

Consider this Sufi story related by Idries Shah:

One night a thief, trying to climb through the window of a house which he intended to rob, fell because the window frame broke, hit the ground and broke his leg.
He went to court to sue the owner of the house. This man said:
“Sue the carpenter who put the window in.”
The carpenter said:” The builder did not make the window aperture properly. ”
When the builder was called, he said:” My fault was caused by a beautiful woman who was passing while I was working at the window.”
The woman was found, and she said: “I was wearing a beautiful gown at the time. Normally, nobody looks at me. It is the fault of the gown, which was cunningly dyed in variegated stripes. ”
“Now we have the culprit, ”said the judge ,”call the man who did the dyeing and he should be held responsible for harm done to the leg of the thief. ”
When they found the dyer, he turned out to be the husband of the woman. It so happened that this – the thief himself.


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