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Baba Jaimal Singh Ji was born in 1839 in the village of Ghuman, near about eighteen miles from current Dera. He was the son of Jodh Singh and Daya Kaur. He exhibited signs of a deep spiritual thirst at a very early age. Young Jaimal Singh Ji at the age of fourteen set out on his long journey. The purpose of his journey was clear in his mind but there was no fix destination in his view. A firm determination and a strong will were his only companions.

Babaji Jaimal Singh Ji went to Amritsar, he was searching for the five shabds that he sought. Continuing his journey, he visited Nankana Sahib, Lahore, Emnabad, and many holy places in Punjab. At every village and town that came on his way, he would inquire if there were any holy men nearby.

Thus he scanned almost the entire Punjab, meeting Yogis, ascetics, Vedantists, scholars, hermits of various schools, and muslim faqirs and sufis. After a long struggle and search he got the address of Soami Ji and he reached Agra in his search. After a long search again he went to the Soami Ji house and found Soami Ji Maharaj sitting among his disciples, about to start the satsang.

The moment Baba Jaimal Singh Ji saw him, a sense of peace filled his heart, and he approached and bowed respectfully at Soami Ji's feet. Soami Shivdayal Ji smiled and said, "He has arrived-my old friend". The remark took Baba Jaimal Singh Ji by surprise as he had not seen Soami Ji before. Overwhelmed by the love and light he beheld in the great Saint, Baba Jaimal Singh Ji sat down in the group of disciples, his eyes fixed on Soami Ji's face.

Soami Shivdayal Ji Ji then gave a discourse on a verse from the Adi Granth, explaining the main principles of Saint Mat and the spiritual meaning and significance of the five shabds. The discourse was a revelation to Baba Jaimal Singh Ji. He had at last found what he had been looking for all these years. His doubts were resolved and his heart was filled with peace, happiness, and a sense of deep gratitude.

Baba Jaimal Singh Ji received initiation and for two days and nights remained absorbed in meditation in a small room in Soami Ji's house. He emerged transformed, his being filled with happiness and contentment. The priceless jewel he had been seeking for years was at last obtained through the grace of his Master.
Bliss and rapture filled every pore of his body; he could hardly contain his joy. Baba Jaimal Singh Ji after initiation was completely devoted to meditation and devoted himself in following the path of his master.


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