"Wherever you will go, and whatever you will do; you will never find happiness unless you are turned towards me"

The Value Of Time In SantMat(SaintMat) Our birthday serve only to remind us that time is passing and so much precious and valuable time has gone. If it has been devoted to bhajan and simran then it has been properly utilized otherwise it has just been wasted. Therefor, a birthday is a good time to stock of oneself and make a renewed and determined effort to devote more time to bhajan and simran, thus utilizing the time to best advantage.

Umless we do this , the whole life is wasted because the very purpose of life in the human form is to attain God-realization. This cannot be done without love and devotion coupled with his grace , which in turn is the result of regular bhajan and simran. We get glimpses of past lives when we have reached the first stage. We will know all the lives that we have passed through.

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Extracts from Light on Sant Mat- Maharaj Charan Singh Ji



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