Radha Soami Satsang Beas

There is hardly any outer marks where by a true guru can be recognized. A true guru, being essentially identical with God, each inwardly united with and absorbed in god.

Dyed through and through in the colour of nam, he depends on nam alone as his sole support. Outwardly he lives a householder’s life and earns his own living by honest means. He is never a burden on others.

He is not elated or depressed by the vicissitudes of life, such as birth and death, pleasure and pain, gain and loss, victory and defeat. He is never idle or inactive, but is constantly engaged in discharging his duty for the sake of duty, without concern for the fruit. He lives in the world like a lotus leaf untouched by water.

He has no egotism. Being free from animosity, he wishes all well and works for the welfare of all. He is extremely sensitive to the sufferings of others and his forgiveness knows no bounds. He is ever engaged in doing good to others, yet he makes no display of it, and does not proclaim himself to be a master.

He is completely free from false-hood, deceit and prejudice and is ever truthful. His words are so sweet and sonorous that they at once enrapture people’s hearts.

At the mere sight or touch of him, people’s minds are filled with joy and serenity. He is immaculately clean inside as well as outside, and is unaffected by the temptation of sensory objects.

Like a swan discarding water and drinking only milk, a saint abandons sensory pleasure and drinks the nectar of diving love.

Discarding all blemishes of the mind, and giving up all hopes and craving for the world, he dedicates his entire life to the lord alone; by losing his identity completely in him, ha has become one with him.


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