2013-14 BabaJi Satsang Schedule of the Year

Note: Please get the confirmation of scheduled date from Radha Soami Centre Beas before planning your Trip

Below are the list of Babaji Satsang Tours Across India in the Year 2013-2014

Venue                         Date
Jaipur                   1st ,2nd Jan
Mumbai                 4th,5th,6th Jan
Raipur                   26th,27th Jan
Indore                  1st ,2nd ,3rd Feb
Hydrabad              9th ,10th Feb
Jamshedpur           9th ,10th Mar
Mumbai                12th ,13th Mar
Delhi                    15th,16th,17th Mar
Nagpur                 3th ,14th Apr
Paror                   11th,12th May
Bangalore             7th, 8th Sept
Jammu                 5th ,6th Oct
Delhi                   11th,12th,13th Oct
Sikandarpur          9th,10th Nov
Lucknow              23rd, 24th Nov
Rudarpur              26th,27th Nov
Delhi                   29th,30th, Nov, 1ST Dec
Jaipur                  28th,29th Dec
Ahmdabad            1st Dec, 1st Jan 2014



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